First ever Behind the Pines snowboard trip!

We teamed up with K2 snowboards and Airblaster Outerwear to create the best snowboard trip a person can imagine.

We began with the basics. What do you need when going on a good trip?

  • You need a ride to get to your destination.
  • You need a good place to stay.
  • You need some good gear to enjoy the mountain.
  • You need a fun crew to ride with.
  • You need some nice terrain to ride.

Well, we got all of it in check!

We got our hands on some Landrover Defenders that will take us to where ever we want to go. In our case that’s Disentis 3000 in the Swiss Alpes. A small resort away from jerries, offering a stunning amount of backcountry possibilities. https://disentis-sedrun.graubuenden.ch/en

We are staying in the guesthouse Nangijala. A nice recently build guesthouse, with a Scandinavian touch and its own (burger)bar. http://www.nangijala.ch/guest-house/

For every enjoyer that comes along on our trip we arranged a snowboard which will be all yours, forever.

That’s right, this trip includes a snowboard. And it’s not just a snowboard. It’s one of the most fun, smiles guaranteed boards on the market, called the K2 Cool Bean!

Then all that’s left is a good crew. We got place for 14 people so, in the words of the famous nascar driver Ricky Bobby ‘if you’re ain’t first you’re last’.


Now all together:

Date: Sunday March 18th till Friday March 23.


  • 4 days lift ticket
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Transport by Landrover Defenders
  • Fuel 😊
  • K2 Cool Bean and Airblaster Airshades.


Price: 849.- Euro.